Kong 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI) is available on the AWS Marketplace, with 1-Click Launch, or manually With EC2 Console, APIs or CLI:


  1. Cassandra:

    The Kong AWS Marketplace AMI image is designed for simplicity and fast deployment, this means it comes bundled with Cassandra on the same image.

    Note: For optimal performance, we recommend deploying a Cassandra cluster separately from the Kong Cluster.

    Please refer to the AWS Cloud Formation Template for custom deployment of Cassandra and Kong Clusters on AWS.

  2. Scaling:

    Each EC2 Node is self-contained, running both Kong & Cassandra. In order to add more nodes and start a cluster, you'll have have to turn on Clustering in Cassandra, and modify each node's kong.yml with the updated Cassandra information.

  3. Using Kong:

    Quickly learn how to use Kong with the 5-minute Quickstart.

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