Kong can be provisioned on a Mesosphere DC/OS cluster using following steps:

The following steps use AWS for provisioning the DC/OS cluster and assume you have basic knowledge of DC/OS, Marathon, and Marathon-lb.

  1. Initial setup

    Download or clone the following repo:

    $ git clone [email protected]:Mashape/kong-dist-mesos.git
    $ cd kong-dist-mesos

    Skip to step 3 if you have already provisioned a DC/OS cluster.

  2. Deploy a DC/OS cluster

    Following the DC/OS AWS documentation, deploy a DC/OS cluster on which Kong will be provisioned

    Once your cluster is ready, Kong can be deployed using the DC/OS CLI or the DC/OS GUI.

  3. Deploy Marathon-lb

    Using the marathon-lb-internal.json file included in the kong-dist-mesos repo, deploy Marathon-lb for internal and external service discovery support:

    $ dcos package install marathon-lb
    $ dcos package install --options=marathon-lb-internal.json marathon-lb
  4. Deploy a Kong-supported database

    Before deploying Kong, you need to provision a Cassandra or PostgreSQL instance.

    For Cassandra, use the cassandra.json file from the kong-dist-mesos repo to deploy a Cassandra instance in the cluster:

    $ dcos package install cassandra

    For PostgreSQL, use the postgres.json file from the kong-dist-mesos repo to deploy a PostgreSQL instance in the cluster:

    $ dcos marathon app add postgres.json
  5. Deploy Kong

    Using the kong_<postgres|cassandra>.json file from the kong-dist-mesos repo, deploy Kong in the cluster:

    $ dcos marathon app add kong_<postgres|cassandra>.json
  6. Verify your deployments

    If you followed the AWS documentation to create the cluster, then you have to expose your Kong service ports on the public ELB to access the Kong services externally.

    You can also log into the public slave agent and test Kong by making the following requests:

    $ curl marathon-lb.maraton.mesos:10001
    $ curl marathon-lb.maraton.mesos:10002
  7. Using Kong

    Quickly learn how to use Kong with the 5-minute Quickstart.

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