Official Heroku Kong app using the Kong buildpack:


Get started by cloning heroku-kong and deploying it to a new Heroku app.

The serf command must be installed locally to generate the cluster's shared secret. Download Serf

git clone
cd heroku-kong

# Create app in Common Runtime:
heroku create my-proxy-app --buildpack
# …or in a Private Space:
heroku create my-proxy-app --buildpack --space my-private-space

heroku config:set KONG_CLUSTER_SECRET=`serf keygen`

# If you want to try Instaclustr Cassandra, a paid add-on
heroku addons:create instaclustr:production-light

git push heroku master
# …the first build will take approximately ten minutes; subsequent builds approx two-minutes.

The Procfile uses runit to supervise all of Kong's processes defined in Procfile.web.


To use Kong CLI in a console:

$ heroku run bash

# Run Kong in the background, so you can issue commands:
$ kong start -c $KONG_CONF
# …Kong will start & continue running in the background of this interactive console.

# Example commands:
$ kong --help
$ kong migrations list -c $KONG_CONF
$ curl http://localhost:8001/status


  1. Configuration:

    Revise config/kong.yml.etlua to suit your application.

    See: Kong 0.7 Configuration Reference

  2. Cassandra:

    You may connect to any Cassandra datastore accessible to your Heroku app using the CASSANDRA_URL config var as documented in the buildpack.

    Once Cassandra is attached to the app, Kong will automatically create the keyspace and run migrations.

  3. Access via console:

    Make API requests to localhost with curl.

    $ heroku run bash
    > kong start -c $KONG_CONFIG
    > curl http://localhost:8001
  4. Kong plugins & additional Lua modules:

    Included Plugins:

    1. ndfd-xml-as-json: API translation, XML as JSON for The National Digital Forecast Database
    2. librato-analytics: Collect per-API metrics, explore, and set alerts on them with Librato
  5. Using Kong:

    Quickly learn how to use Kong with the 5-minute Quickstart.

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