Invoke an AWS Lambda function from Kong. It can be used in combination with other request plugins to secure, manage or extend the function.


Configuring the plugin is straightforward, you can add it on top of an API by executing the following request on your Kong server:

$ curl -X POST http://kong:8001/apis/{api}/plugins \
    --data "name=aws-lambda" \
    --data "config.aws_key=AWS_KEY" \
    --data "config.aws_secret=AWS_SECRET" \
    --data "config.aws_region=AWS_REGION" \
    --data "config.function_name=LAMBDA_FUNCTION_NAME"

api: The id or name of the API that this plugin configuration will target

You can also apply it for every API using the http://kong:8001/plugins/ endpoint. Read the Plugin Reference for more information.

form parameter default description
name The name of the plugin to use, in this case: aws-lambda
config.aws_key The AWS key credential to be used when invoking the function
config.aws_secret The AWS secret credential to be used when invoking the function
config.aws_region The AWS region where the Lambda function is located. Regions supported are: us-east-1, us-east-2, ap-northeast-1, ap-northeast-2, ap-southeast-1, ap-southeast-2, eu-central-1, eu-west-1
config.function_name The AWS Lambda function name to invoke
`` The Qualifier to use when invoking the function.
RequestResponse The InvocationType to use when invoking the function. Available types are RequestResponse, Event, DryRun
Tail The LogType to use when invoking the function. By default None and Tail are supported
60000 An optional timeout in milliseconds when invoking the function
60000 An optional value in milliseconds that defines for how long an idle connection will live before being closed

Sending parameters

Any form parameter sent along with the request, will be also sent as an argument to the AWS Lambda function.

Known Issues

Use a fake upstream_url

When using the AWS Lambda plugin, the response will be returned by the plugin itself without proxying the request to any upstream service. This means that whatever upstream_url has been set on the API it will ultimately never be used.

Although upstream_url will never be used, it's currently a mandatory field in Kong's data model, so feel free to set a fake value (ie, if you are planning to use this plugin.

In the future we will provide a more intuitive way to deal with similar use-cases.

Response plugins

There is a known limitation in the system that prevents some response plugins from being executed. We are planning to remove this limitation in the future.

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